The name is Matt Beri. (obviously)
I live in Dead Land Central Florida.
23 years young.
Ska makes me dance.
I hold my own on tables.
Purple is my favorite color.
I post my interests (also a bit obvious)
House shows.
Pretty things with motors.

true life

“sad because Brand New or Brand New because sad???”

—   ancient proverb (via those-days-are-dead)

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jennifer lawrence | vanity fair by ellen von unwerth

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Miley Cyrus - Jolene

The first time I saw/heard this, it made me hate Miley just a little less.

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“If you think pubic hair on a woman is unnatural or weird, you aren’t mature enough to be touching vaginas.”

—   Stoya (via runningmermaids)

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Listen/purchase: It Had Been by Critter


Look my malt is ready…


Look my malt is ready…